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Fractora Intro

We all desire a return to a more youthful appearance and healthier skin. Clients ask us daily if we can “fix” this or “fix” that, get rid of their wrinkles, lift sagging skin, or just help them look younger. In the past the best alternatives were expensive plastic surgery or very painful laser fractional resurfacing with weeks of downtime. FRACTORA bridges the gap between facelifts and Co2 fractional lasers while providing amazing results, with minimal downtime, and a huge cost savings. It does it by delivering heat through a small square configuration of micro-pins. The heat is created by Radio Frequency (very high frequency sound) and precisely targets various depths of the skin. The treatment is minimally invasive and uses a topical anesthetic to numb the skin prior to treating. FRACTORA is a superior solution for removing wrinkles, tightening sagging skin, reducing acne scars, smoothing uneven irregularities… and the results...
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Forma Skin Tightening

The current fastest growing area in skincare and anti-ageing treatments is in Skin Tightening, Skin Resurfacing, Skin Rejuvenation, and Body Contouring (fat reduction).   New machines are popping up every day, all claiming to be the newest, the best, the safest, and longest lasting. As a provider of these services, the staff and owners of ProSkin are constantly receiving manufacturer’s literature, meeting with company sales reps, viewing websites, and looking at treatment procedures and results to be aware of what’s available and knowledgeably answer our client’s questions. ProSkin, Minneapolis has a large and rapidly growing clientele receiving Skin Tightening treatments.  The idea of how to tighten the skin is fairly simple, get enough heat into the skin and the tissues contract.  How to accomplish that with a high level of control that eliminates surface and deep tissue burns is the hard part.  This is where our FORMA and PLUS Radio Frequency...
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Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation Pricing in Minneapolis

PROSKIN ESTHETICS and LASER MINNEAPOLIS One of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding our laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments is,  “Why is ProSkin Esthetics so much less expensive than the other providersMinneapolis?”  “What’s the catch?” There is no catch!  The answer is simply the basic philosophy of the owners.  Our goal is to provide the best, most effective treatments, using the finest machines available, with the most experienced staff, at a price that is affordable to everyone.  We would rather sell 5 treatment packages at $200.00 than wait for that single $1000.00 sale.  We’ve built a base of over 10000 clients and perform more laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments than anyone in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area. When cosmetic lasers were first introduced to the public most laser services were provided by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.  The treatments were considered a luxury...
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